Agency Announcements

19 August 2023

Newly-established 3 branch offices of the agency 

Mecprego International, Inc. has been granted the Branch Authority by the Department of Migrant Workers for its 3 branch offices located in Cagayan de Oro City, Tuguegarao City, and the re-established Davao City branch.

19 April 2022

 Mecprego International, Inc. opens its new Branch office in Cebu City

After obtaining the authority from the POEA to establish a branch office, Mecprego International, Inc. now starts to operate  its newest branch office at Room 310, 3rd Floor, A. Geson Building, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City.

Modified: 08 March 2022

Agency's new policy on applicants appointment: "NO APPOINTMENT, NO TRANSACTION"

Mecprego International, Inc. informs its new policy to be observed during applicant's reporting and follow-up in the office. The ongoing policy, which was adapted as a result of the company meeting held on March 1, 2022, to resolve the current appointment issues. All applicants are advised to secure their appointments from their account-in-charge before they can go personally to the office. Applicants can also send their inquiry or request for appointment through this link:

All inquiries made through the above link will be subsequently forwarded to the account-in-charge.

01 March 2022

MII warns applicants of rampant scams and moduses                                                                                         

The applicants are strongly advised to refrain from dealing with unknown individuals who suddenly approach them and ask for favor. Mostly, these men would disguise to be a contact person of the agency tasked to give some instructions to the applicant, who would becoming as their target victim. Usually, they ask for the mobile phone and money. 

If you are an applicant who suddenly encounters such persons, please call your agency promptly.